Getting started can be challenging---paperwork, insurance numbers, even transportation issues---we have tried to anticipate your needs and have compiled a reference list to ensure that the “details” are in place so that your efforts can be directed toward your recovery:


    When to Arrive:

  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. This time will allow you to sign any forms required by your insurance company, review our policy on confidentiality and complete a medical questionnaire to assist the Physical Therapist in planning your care.  Our administrative staff will be happy to assist you with obtaining medical records and reports from your physician, answer questions on payment and insurance coverage as well as coordinate all your appointments for this episode of care.


What to Bring:

  • Insurance Card
  • Referral Authorization  Form (HMO subscribers can obtain this from the referral department at your physician’s office)
  • Prescription from Physician (required by Medicare and many insurance companies and HMOs)
  • X-ray, MRI, consultation notes, surgical report or other medical information that will enhance our knowledge of your care
  • Your parent/guardian if you are under 18 years of age.
  • Your calendar to make future appointments
  • Your payment (see payment procedures)


What to Wear

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Gym shorts and tee shirt
  • Sneakers or supportive shoes